Kevin Piekarski Music:Lessons


My Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I see my role as a musical mentor and coach to my students. Empowering a student is the key to motivation. My goal as musical mentor is to introduce possibilities!

The foundations of my teaching philosophy are:

Goals and Learning Objectives:

To develop and increase technical proficiency in the art of playing the double bass. To develop the student’s artistry to the highest level of achievement feasible for him/her to attain in the context of the musical applications they choose. To teach students how to become the total musician. My teaching style is flexible, varied and individual, matched to the student's learning style. My curriculum and approach are grounded in the classical tradition. I utilize the Franz Simandl Double Bass Method in my teaching, but apply a more flexible, contemporary approach to Simandl’s methodology. Use of the bow is essential to the development of solid intonation. Use of a metronome is essential to development of rhythmic precision and a solid sense of time. Concepts covered will include:

• Expanded knowledge of the Fingerboard

• Scales and Arpeggios

• Choice of Fingerings

• Choice of Bowings

• Sound/Tone Production

• Interpretation of Phrase Structure

• Vibrato

• Appropriate style & Musical Expressivity

• Diversified bow strokes

• Practice Strategies

• Intonation

I offer 1 hour lessons; the fee is $35. I prefer to schedule the lessons once every 10 days, instead of once weekly. I feel that the student has more preparation time, will attend the lessons more well prepared, and save a bit of money in the process. Please pay with cash or check at the time of your lesson. If you need to cancel or re schedule your lesson time, please give at least 24 hours notice. I reserve the right to discontinue lessons if the student is repeatedly unprepared, not practicing, or fails to show up for a scheduled lesson time without communication with me!

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